Friday, March 23, 2007

Back from Hiatus!!!

My goodness!!! How blog lazy I have become! I have been awfully busy with wedding plans---YES plans...but NOT OF MY OWN! hahahahahha My shobe Che is getting married this NOV!!!! I have been busy helping her get suppliers and making the necessary arrangements to make her wedding other words, feeling bride ako! hahahha We attend meetings with wedding hosts, cake makers, inivitation printers, florists, videographers etc...sometimes I eve n go without the BRIDE! Napapagkamalan tuloy ako ;P Nonetheless, its fun to do and when it's my turn---experct nako!

I have always thought that when my sis gets married...I will lose my kid sis. She happens to be my roomie at home and I feel a tinge of sadness when I look at her bed when I get home, thinking one day it will be empty =(. Lest, I forget my brothers in law have been hanging out with me on a regular basis. We have dinner wherever (i.e. our favorite snakaroo, which serves cheap steaks for us cheap skates! hahaha), coffee (starbucks, fiugaro, bo's) and even go drinking ;P!!! I have fun with them all time. In hindsight I realize, I have gained a bigger family =) Thank you my brothers!

Alongside all of that, I have been introduced to BIKRAM YOGA by my good friends Didi and Edi. It was just a few weeks ago that I got a text message from Edi making kulit that I go try out yoga with them. I have been practicing yoga for sometime now. I started taking yoga classes while I was at Firtness First and continued on practicing at home via DVD! I thought to myself...hey I can handle BIKRAM yoga ---yoga is yoga right?---errr...not quite! The BIG difference here is that in BIKRAM yoga---you practice in a HEATED ROOM!!!! Imagine doing 1 1/2 hrs of yoga in THE SAUNA ROOM!!!! Yes! It is that hot. My first time to join the class, I had to forego coffee hang time with my new borthers ...(ganun ka lakas sila edi and didi sakin!) I found out also that our friend Annie was in the class too. How did my first time go???? MY GOODNESS--I SWEATED LIKE CRAZY!!!! To tell you honestly, I am not a person who readily sweats. I used to do hours of cardio at the gym and it is very rare that I seat profusely. Well, not in BIKRAM YOGA!!! We work out infront of mirrors and after every pose, I see my face all flushed PINK and my wholebody DRENCHED with SWEAT!. It was the first time in my life that I found sweat dripping off my arms and legs!!!! After the very challengiong class....I felt great!!!! I felt relaxed and a bit sleepy! I wasn't able to eat dinner while we were at Italianni's after the class...I just felt very thirsty!

Atop that, I have gone back to my bread making once again! I have been making my cinnamon rolls since I got some orders and I also made for friends =)

That all sums up why I have been away from my blog. Hopefully, this is the start of my religious posting. I have Missed out on posting sooo many things that I have been to, restos that I have tried! Ah!!! Sayang. Like my church hopping escapade (to Calaruega, Pink Sisters, Simbahan ng Inang Saklolo etc.) at Tagaytay, breakfast at Josephines...trying the Boutique Bed and Breakfast....eating finally at SOMMS Thai Carinderia! soooo many stories....

Next week I shall be leaving for BORACAY!!!! =) YEHEY!!! So when I get back, I hope to have pics with my blogs!!!!

Later I shall Have dinner with some friends...we shall be trying PALOMA at Shang =)


canDIshhh said...

Glad you liked Bikram Yoga! :) Yehaaaa!! :) See you in class, I hope!!

in-JeN-iosiTy said...

Hey didi!!! Yes will definitely get back to Bikram yoga after holy week! =)