Sunday, March 25, 2007

Graduation Day!!!

Last Saturday was the graduation day of my dear lil sis Nikki =) Congratulations shobs! mwah! We are sooo proud of you!

It also happemd to be the launching day for the 2007 Honda CRV! I think I have not blogged about the very unfortunate accident where our new Honda Civic was ruthlessly smashed by a speeding Trooper----at broad day light!!!!!!!!! I still can't believe how spineless some people can be able to sleep at night while turning their backs on RESPONSIBILITY! Let me just say that we are victims of people with NO conscience, NO morals, NO fear of God! It's soo brutal of me to say such harsh words, but I really don't know how to define people like that. People who run away and hide from the resposibilty they have after inflicting danger and damage to their fellow! Anyways, I shall not dwell on that----may KARMA naman and our God is JUST and FAIR!

Taking that aside, I went to the lauching of the all new honda CRV with my brothers. Take a look at this..... is great and I fell in love with the white one =)

After that we hanged out at UCC tomas morato, went isaw and fishbol tripping in UP and headed on to my sis's Graduation.

We had dinner at Italianni's afterwhich we went to Grilla in Libis. A very exhausting day but very fun and worth while =)

Thank you my brothers, my sisters and CONGRATULATIONS SHOY!!!!

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