Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunday Cinnamon Rolls

I woke up later than normal last Sunday. I guess I got pretty tired from the fridaya nd saturday activities. I wanted a relaxed day and had great inspiration to bake! So I made my cinnamon rolls, but this time I made them with a plain dough and plain filling! This is only the second time I made them this way. The first was for the birthday of my dear friend Shawie and now I bake for my good friend balot!! Yehey!!! She is arrving from Washington DC on Monday!!!! I sooo miss her na and we go to bora on TUESDAY!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT =) I made three batches of these for Balots, one order of a person na ayaw ng chocolate (pero malakas sakin kaya all the rolls I made turned out plain! ;P) and one for my sisters (na na finish almost the whole round after lunch--well they got to it at its freshest state and believe me nothing beats good 'ol cinnamon rolls hot off the oven!!!). I took the pic while I was cooling the bread and I forgot to take a pic of it with cream cheese frosting!
Hope they all like 'em. The original verion is Chocolate cinnamon rolls ( I posted about it along time ago) with chocolate bunn with dark chocolate-chips and cinnamon-sugar filling topped with cream-cheese frosting. Some like 'em frosted...some like 'em plain!
Anyway, the whole bread-making experience is a real stress-reliever for me. I love preparing and kneading the dough...patiently waiting for it to rise...and rise and rise....the smell of the whole kitchen as they bake....and the best part? Seeing them being enjoyed by loved ones.
Baking for friends, family or even for all a good for me. A perfectly spent Sunday I might say.
To end my day, my sisters and I had dinner with my Aunty, Uncle and counsin at Napoli in Tomas Morato. They serve simple and good Italian food not to mention cheap! We had a Huge Cheese Pizza, Mushroom pasta, Crab Asparagus Pasta, Eggplant Parmigiana, Chicken Fingers, Itallian Sausage pasta and a side of MORE Itallian Sausages...all for Php 1,500.00 ++ only!!! My Uncle picked this place because he is vegetarian and he feels he has lots of food options here. Don't worry, the chicken and sausages are for us non-vegans! hahahaha
Stuffed that we sisters and I managed to push in more food in our stomachs as we went to Starbucks for some coffee and dessert (hard to belive but we had cake pa ;P ) hahaah
A good day of baking and quality time with family =)

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