Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Restaurant infront of Saguijo (Bread Box)

After our wine and antipasti at Galileo, we moved for our main course =) There is this quaint place infront of Saguijo (the underground-ish rock place) in Saguijo Street in Makati, which was/is called Bread Box... =)

The place is cozy and nice =)

Mr. Ariel, the owner, tells us that it is/was named breadbox because it used to sell ...well breads naturally...but when he and his wife took over the entire place, they converted it into a nice restaurant serving their much loved specialties.

The food is set up buffet style, where you can choose and order from =)

Ossobuco, Arroz ala Cubana....

sausages, longanisas..etc name a few of the house specialties offered. You pick from the buffet spread and they will serve it up to your table.

Stuffed Chicken with Mangoes and Cream Sauce

Redolent of a chicken ala kiev...chicken breast rolled with cheese and bacon or was it ham =)

The chicken was tender and the entire dish was very flavorful. I love the mangoes they served on cuts through the richness of the cream sauce =)

We had it served with wheat bread instead of rice
Prawn and Mushroom Stuffed Sole Fish

Another delicious and rich tasting dish!

The sole fish was tender and we love the stuffing of mushrooms and shrimps (either they were chopped up prawns or shrimps)
The cream sauce was similar to the sauce of the chicken dish sans the mango twist.

We had this with just can't enjoy this savory-sour-spicy dish without good ol' plain rice =)
We left with very happy palates. We could tell that the owners have much passion of their food by the way they personally take care of their customers and much love given to each dish as is reflected with the deep flavors of everything we have tried.
We will definitely be back to try more of their specialties =)


Baby Boy said...

I went there last Saturday as I watched some bands in Saguijo with my girl. I love the food and the place is really awesome. It's nice for you to blog the place.

Jen Tan said...

hello bad boy! yeah the place is great...we were happy to hear the bands playing at Saguijo from where we were seated =)

Thanks for dropping by!

Baby Boy said...

I will visit this for sure. Love your topics. And... I'm not a bad boy. =p

ronnotthedj said...

sayang sana di pa rin mawala itong resto na ito as napatay yung family behind this resto

NEW ROW: 87-91 said...

Our prayers go to the murdered owners of Breadbox. May justice be served soonest.

Jen Tan said...

ronnotthedj and new row....sorry I just read this now...I was really shocked with the news about the owners of breadbox....let's pray for their souls...that they may rest in peace...and pray that justice be served....