Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Uncle Moe's and Jalapeno

Look at this.....what plating? Such an enticing looking gourmet dish.....can you guess where we had this?

hahaha...yes, yes....but it wasn't served this way. Have a look at what we go to try this evening =)

Hummus with Pita bread
We loved their hummus! Generously topped with oilive oil and a srpinkling of paprika =_

Delicious with pita...delicious when mixed with the Hummus =)

We loved this dish! So flavorful and cheesy...served piping hot too =)

Chicken Kebobs
Yumm.... =)
It was definetely a happy experince eating here. The place is very casual...like your typical neighborhood kebob place...only with better food. Prices here are very affordable and a comeback is a must!
They have a branch at the building where Barcino is, beside the Ortigas home depot...this branch is located at baranggay Capitolyo =)

We moved to Ortigas Home Depot to try Jalapeno...a mexican place that was packed the first time we attempted to eat here.
It is situated right smack in between Hermanos and Buffalo Wings and Things.
We ordered the Platter with a Soft Taco, Burrito and Nachos
All our must haves when eating Mexican....but we were disappointed with the not so authentic flavors we had on our plate =(
We thought of our favorite Mexicalli...which is by far better. Sorry Jalapeno...perhaps we were already full?? Will we give it another chance? ...Let's see =)

One hit and a miss!


Ruy said...

Hi Jen! Uncle moe's is definitely getting a visit from us one of these days. I just love middle eastern food.

Hope everything's well with you.=)

Jen Tan said...

hey ruy! yeah sarap here ah...we have every intention of going back =) let me know what you think once you've tried it =)

everything is well and good with me, thanks for asking=)

how are you? regards to your family =)

Ruy said...

Were all good too. Andrea's grown quite big. Hope to eat with you soon.=)

Jen Tan said...

wow! am sure she's a pretty little lady na...grabe how time flies noh?

yes hope we can eat togther soon... =) take care..grabe sobra bihira na time ko to post!huhuhu =(