Saturday, July 04, 2009

Food Tripping at Ortigas Home Depo

HELLO MY FRIENDS!!! My goodness...have I missed blogging! I have the usual excuse of being extremely busy at work, for my backlog in posting. Too busy to blog for a while...but NEVER too busy to EAT! =D I have pages of uploaded foodie pics sans the write sad not having enough time to share yummy experiences.

Enough with my apologies...I take time now to share two of the most recent places we have tried. I have hear and read and gotten invites to try out new places in Ortigas Home depot. We have attempted many times to go here...but parking is sooooo difficult on late night weekends...not to mention traffik to boot.

Finally, one raining evening, after watching a horror flick (Drag me to hell....) we decided to erase the scarry images in my head by EATING!

We first went to HERMANOS. We decided to seat at the al fresco area so we may order from the neigboring reso ...Jalapeno....but the rain poured harded forcing us to move inside the resto, where they do not allow outside orders without paying for corkage =(

The place is quite nice, with wooded tables and chairs, with golblets for wine already in place.

We were served complimentary bruschetta...wich were nice crunchy baguette slices topped with tomato salsa with red and green bell pappers.

We ordered the Paella Balls, which were one of their most popular dishes.

They were...paella rice breaded and deep fried served with tomato salsa and atchara. The remind me of risotto balls ...but these kinda lacked in a little something something...perhaps they should have put in bits of paella bits of chicken or prawns...just something to add a little varietie and surprise as opposed to just biting into just rice. I think adding little morsels of protein or veggies in the balls will add more interest and dimension to this dish. Nonetheless it was good..but kinda too heavy a starter and gets kinda boring after your 3rd ball =) Or maybe one isn;t supposed to have 3 or more balls? Well, we had more than 3 balls each---definitely...we manage to finish all ...just the two of us =)
see the cross-section of the ball....

just rice ....

This was recommended by our waiter. Chicken breast pieces, cooked with chilles and olives. It struck me as ...a chicken caldereta dish of somesort. It was too spicy for me...and something we wouldn't think about again after trying.

The rain calmed down a bit, so we moved to Buffalo Wings and Things, just a jump...skipping Jalapeno (we will just save that another time)

The place is a casual fast-food joint...teeming with people.
We ofcourse ordered Buffalo Wings...but after that hot and spicy chicken dish...I kinda didn't fancy having anything that spicy. You can pick the portion size and the strength of heat of your wings and even the sauces and dips. I picked the butter-parmesan sauce.
Our order came piping hot and the wings very crisp..kudos to that. Unfortunately, we were kinda disappointed withjust getting like 2 pieces of wings for Php 140.00 (or was is Php 120.00---even if it was 120..still too steep for two wingies) the butter parmesan was just like melted butter poured on our wings, needed a bit more salt. In general it was ok..perhaps we should have stuck with the original BUFFALO sauce.

Mini burgers...
Three cute burgers...with a thick pattie. The buns were very soft...the burger was good...but nothing exceptional. We like white castle burgers way better =) hahahaha

Everything is worth a try ei?! ;P


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jen!!! you're baaack! :)

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hello princess! thanks..I'll try to post more often...sobra lang busy these days!

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