Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hanakazu and Cafe Francais

Aguirre St. in Paranaque is indeed a treasure trove for foodies! We contemplate whether to have Japanese food or Pizza for dinner...and I suggest why not just have both =)

We start with Japanese. Is'ntit but fitting to start of with light dishes =) Hanazaku, seems to be always packed during dinner time....and we find out why....

The place is very casual. It had the typical interiors of most Japanese restos you would find in Pasay road...a sushi bar and counter upfront...simple tables and couches inside...and they do have those private rooms with wooded sliding doors, where you leave your shoes outside and get seated close to the floor=)

We were give complimentary tuna furai.
Yummy! Like tuna sashimi lightly breaded and deep fried.

Clear Soup
A clear tasty broth with shreds of veggies and those peculiar looking fish balls floating in tem. Those balls had a texture of fishballs or squid balls perhaps...had a clean tatse and a funky streaking of pink and green----looking like rainbow veined quail eggs! hahaha Does anybody have an idea what these are???

These are probably the best gyoza we have ever had to date. We loved the thin delicate texture of the wrapper holding the yummy ground meat. Soooooo good!!!

Tuna Maki
I didn't get the name of this maki...but is was so lovely and delicious!

We would definitely come back to try the ramens, don buris, makis, sushi and sashimis!!!
We had to go to move to our next stop...Cafe Francais to try their Pizza! =)

This is jus a hop and skip away...Cafe Francais is a quaint looking European resto...having a feel redolent of being at Belinni's in Cubao. It has rustic euro-bistro cafe interiors with an al fresco dining area and a little organic market area along side.
Artichoke,parma ham and olives pizza

The pizza was ok...nothing great about it...and didn't quite live up to our expectations.
For this evening we concluded we should have just stuck with our Japanese dinner...perhaps we should have tried the entrees at Francais?...perhaps..perhaps...oh well you can win them all =)

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