Monday, April 20, 2009

Onion Foccacia with Rosemary and Thyme =)

The bickering heat of summer is perfect for one good thing...BREAD MAKING! Rising dough should be no problem at all with this weather of ours. I was feeling herb inspired. I made four yummy herby projects for that day. First Onion Foccacia with Rosemary and Thyme bread.

Foccacia is very easy to make. Unlike the other breads I love to make...this is perhaps one of the easiest.

The dough is soft and sticky....and I incorporated the chopped yellow onions before rising.

use the kitchen aid hook attachment to knead the dough

cover loosely with cling film and allow to rise

this is the most fun part...making dimples on the dough with my fingers =) hahaha (toink*toink*toink* ;P hahaha) and drizzle with more olive oil and spinkle the rosemary and thyme =)

cover and allow to rest once more

I placed the baking stone in the oven as it preheats. A final sprinkling of sea salt before popping in the oven.

TADA!!!! =D I think they are lovely!
They are crusty on top...soft and moist inside and very aromatic and flavorful! (I pat my back! hehehe ;P)
I love making bread!!!!!


mikky said...

i love how you made it look so easy... great job!!! :)

Jen Tan said...

thanks mikky =) it's really that can change the herbs and onions to olives...sun dried tomatoes ...parmesan...for variety too

princess_dyanie said...

hi jen! how are you? i miss your posts! :)

Jen Tan said...

hey princess! i am fine...just super busy...i'll update my posts soooooooooooooon..sana today! haaha so many pending na that i wana share =) how are you?

Languages Internationale said...

Oh wow, your site is like info haven!
keep it rollin'

A little invitation if you may, I hope you can bounce by my site too!

=) see you around!

princess_dyanie said...

hi jen! where are you? i hope you're doing fine :)