Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Red Kimono Buffet =)

Sometimes it's healthy to challenge the capacity of the stomach and exercise one's digestive prowess and metabolic powers!!! =D hahaha By that, I mean ocasional BUFFET trips! We were both REALLY HUNGRY and up for some Japanese! The RED KIMONO at the UP Ayala-Hub, offers ala carte buffet for Php 495 per person! Not a a deal! Rule is, we just gotta have at least one rice dish from the menu. No problemo! =D

Spicy Tuna Maki

Salmon Maki

Kani Sticks

It was like thin lumpiang shanghai.

Tofu-Spinach Terriyaki

Layers of grilled tofu and spinach with peanut and terriyaki sauce. I have had this dish before at the Red Kimono branch at the Fort...this one had a slightly sour taste---perhaps the tofu was not of good quality.


Chicken Terriyaki

This was good =)

Chicken Kamameshi

This was our rice dish of choice (as if all those makis don't have enough rice yet inthem ;P hahaha! ). I LOVE KAMAMESHI RICE!!!! The paella of the Japanese! We just both LOVE THE BURNT PART of the rice at the bottom---YUM!!! I miss Kamameshi...whatever happend to that resto?


Their Tonkatsu was served with a side of mashed potatoes! Yummy furai!

Ebi Tempura
Our last dish...last SAVORY DISH!!! hahaha They were cruchy and yummy!

Ah ...just when the waiters thought we were through...we had to have some dessert! There is always room for DESSERT...S!!!! =D

Chocolate-Coconut Balls
The manager told us this was one of the kid's favorite treat! I has to try naturally =) They were like Dunkin Donut munchkins...but more dense...borderline of being a truffle and a munchkin hehehe. THEY WERE YUMMY!!!

Buko Pandan
Something lighter and cool....

Green Tea Ice Cream (Big Scoop brand)

Something cooler! hahaha Ice cream is always good...and we always have more spce gor this!

I think we did pretty darn well for two people...don't you think? They have a clean plate policy..and we definitely complied!hehehe We enjoyed our ala carte buffet here more than at Zensho because the quality and quantity of the dished served are definitely bigger and better here. We also liked that service was good and fast, rendering a consistent influx of food!!! hahaha We only wished they offered more dishes with meat and seafood and perhaps some sashimis.
We were definitely satisfied and worth every penny for what they charge!!! We must come back...YOU must try =)

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