Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kebab Factory

It was a day to take on once again----FOREVER 21! Ah yes! My first F21 experience was extremely EXHAUSTING! I vowed NEVER to return...but promises are made to be broken....specially by girls who love to shop like me =)

For this trip, I am with my two good soldiers before a battle, we know we have to be properly nourished to get the energy we need....but know well enough not to fill we don't want to get depressed by needing a size up because of our full bellies ;P hehehhe

Something light...something fun to eat...we chose:
Baby sis and I had a very heavy we just wanted snack-lite food...married sis on the other hand, had this as her first meal for the day.

Hummus Php 120.00
Well, well, the hummus ain't bad...but ain't good either hehehehe...we needed an extra order of pita for this...the bread needed a bit more toasty time.

Spinach Feta Cheese Dip Php 180.00
This was yummy! I could really taste the feta...what I didn't like was the chip-like toasted pita. This place need better Mediterranean bread! With that, this dip could have been a real delight=)

Chicken Samosa Php 150.00
Served with a side of chutney. Yummy!

Vegetable Samosa Php 150.00
This was good also..but I like the Queen's version a whole lot more =)

Lamb Kebab Php 180.00
For my married sis...something more substantial. She loved it! I wish they served it with basmati rice =)

Goulab Jammo/ Milk Balls Php 150.00
The winning dish for the day. Like spongecake soaked in spice and honey. Sister's loved it!

For added energy we went to Caramia to get scoops of our fave gelato flavors! Now we are all set for FOREVAH! hahahahha

I assure you, we burned off all those calories! =)

The Kebab Factory
2nd level The Atrium,
SM Megamall


Midge said...

Jen, have you ever been to Persia Grill? They have similar offerings, but I find PG's kebab's more flavorful and satisfying - plus, the costs are more reasonable. :)

Try the chicken morg (grilled chicken marinated in lemon and cumin), beef kebab, and the baklava which comes with tiny cups of ginger-aniseed tea.

Jen Tan said...

Hello Midge! Nope I haven't tried Persia Grill...will give it a try when I get the chance ;P The morg sound interestingly yummmy!

Thanks for the heads up!