Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chicken at Baboy: Chic-Boy

We like to have balance in our life, more so in our eating patterns ; after the Italian "wine and dine" indulgence....we crave for simple, pinoy we go visit ....

Yup, yup! Good ol' Cebu style lechon manok, liempo, inasal and a mish-mash of pinoy veggie snacks and sidings to enjoy.

Complimentary Soup
good ol' batchoy broth to whet start the meal

Garlic Kangkong Php 35.00
Chopped kangkong sauteed in garlic...topped with lots of toasted garlic! Yum!

Pancit Canton Php 45.00
Yummy and uber cheap! Topped with troasted garlic! They are quite generous with toasted garlic here...they even give it as a table condiment---very nice!

Inasal na Pecho Php 99.00
the meal comes with endless helpings of rice..ala mang inasal! I topped my rice with the toasted garlic on our table hehehe

Well, as for the taste, it;s kind of similar to mang inasal inasal...although a bit on the dry side...but tasty. We found our soon after that we picked the wrong chicken combo meal...we should have ordered the CEBU lechon manok....we got a bit confused by the combo meal codes hehehe. We each had a pecho inasal meal and with all the sidings...a bit still bitin! hahahaha ;P

So we ordered halo-halo Php 45.00
Hmmm...we didn't like the halo-halo so much....needs to be sweetened with lots of sugar...and I find the milk used of poor quality. The milk was thin an tastelkess ( wala pa rin tatalo sa Alaska! ;P hahahahha)

Our meal was uber cheap and satisfying...we need to go back for the real specialty of the house which are the CEBU lechon manok and lechon liempo...mmmmmmmmm....sounds nice =)

Chicken at Baboy
Jupiter St., Makati
Beside Legend of India


Midge said...

This isn't so far from my office. We might try the food here one of these days. :D

Jen Tan said...

hello Midge! Yes...ideal for office lunch...super mura and yummy naman =)

superoxy said...

recommended mo na, so Gale and I really have to go here =)

Jen Tan said...

hello rox! hahaha over ka...not an just matakaw ;P do try...simple lang at UBER CHEAP! hahahaha try the lechon cebu and let me know! happy eating and regards to Gale and Sophie!