Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hunan Lutong Bahay

Here we are at long last! hahaha The small apartment in Rockwell, famed for serving authentic Hunan cuisine at prices that will make our pockets happy =)

Lucky we didn't have a hard time hunting this place down...from EDSA....turn right on Estrella St. ( the road leading to the Power Plant)...count three corners then make a right, then take the first left turn...you should be on Camia St.....and look for this....
Huraaaaaaaaaaaaay! It's such a glorifying experience finding a foodie place sans the hassle of getting lost...getting famished....that sort of experience. We arrive right on time for lunch----ding! 12nn! =) When we got in the rain actually started to pour--lucky us! hehehe

At 40 bucks you can get your fill of hot steamed rice. I read food here is mighty spicy...so I suggested we go for bottomless plain rice than fried rice, to buffer the heat!

We picked....

Kung Pao Chicken Php 180.00
I have always loved the Kung pao pasta of CPK...so I was excited to have this. It was not as spicy as I thought it would be, and I am weak with spice. Perhaps this was one of the milder dishes. We were pleased...but not so wowed. Flavor-wise...it was ok.

Fried Dumplings Php 140.00
Generous indeed! About 8-10pieces of yummy fried dumplings. Now the dipping sauce it came with was HOT!---toooot! toooot! hot hahahaha...so I just asked for a plain dipping sauce...and happily devoured dumpling after dumpling with rice like so:
There are a lot of interesting items on the menu..but seemed good for a group to share. As far as what we have tried are concern, hunan house serves yummy and homey food at affordable prices and simple ambiance. We kinda expected TOOOO much that is perhaps the reason why we were not so wowed by the food.

Come here with empty stomach and simple expectations...you will definitely enjoy! =)

#6404 Camia St., Makati
Tel# 0915-4252972

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