Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Korean Fish Ice Cream ^_^

I have been a lazy blogger....bad...bad me. I have been eating and not sharing ...tsk!tsk!tsk!

So let me share with you a lazy-mini post on a delicious treat that we have discovered.
Go stop over the next Korean grocery you see....head straight to the horizontal freezer...and fish out a pack...(or maybe 6) of this DELICIOUS FISHED SHAPED ICE CREAM!!~!! Yummmm! Yumm!!!! Prices depend on the grocery you stumble upon...from php35-50 a piece...we got this for php35 =) The fish shaped exterior is like wafer-like...more on the taste of your sugar ice cream cones....inside is vanilla ice cream with a nice thick layer of mashed sweet red beans!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many yummy Korean icy goodies I saw...will update you on our next Korean freezer rummaging-capade!



sorry for the shameful pics....I was in a hurry to sink my teeth into :P hehehe


昱宏彥良 said...
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♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

love the Pepero cookie sticks with almonds :)

my sister rave about Seoul Milk's choco or strawberry milk :D maybe we'd try that ice cream next time.

Midge said...

I love these! You should try the one with matcha ice cream one of these days.

Jen Tan said...

hello midge!

ooohhh..i love matcha! will keep my eyes peeled for that =)

i have a pending post on more of these babies...just a bit lazy to write ;P hahahah please wait!

thanks for the heads up!