Monday, May 24, 2010

1950's Pan De Amerikana

I think it has been a year now since we have planned to go to 1950's Pan de Amerikana. For our Sunday lunch, we decided to trek the Marikina path and search for this unique place.

I am happy that I called ahead of time to get instructions going there, and remembered every detail of the landmarks and turns to take. We managed to get there without breaking a sweat! Yay!!!!

Here we are..................PAN DE AMERIKANA at long last!!!! =)

The famous WINDMILL....

It was another SCORCHING HOT DAY....but we were in a very light and happy mood inspite our skin being burned as we went down the car and got inside. The place was charming! A rustic bakery with eclectic decor. I was really amused looking around and smelling the wonderful aroma of the bread baking in the pugon. The only set back?---it was utterly HOT INSIDE!!! We spent a couple of minutes looking for a cooler spot in the place.

What will keep your cool are the prices of the food!!!! UBER CHEAP!!!! The portion sizes are small...but just enough so that two people may share a variety of orders. This made it fun for use because we always find ourselves limited with one or two dishes, when we dine in restos who serve with regular or bigger portions.

Bicol Laing (Php 25.00)
Yes you read that right! 25 BUCKS for this yummy laing. For us, this portion is just right because we don't really eat laing by the mounds, since it is packed with rich flavor! Great with plenty of rice...this plate of taro leaves, cooked in rich coconut milk will go a veeeery long way =)

Beef Tendeloin (Php120.00)
Perhaps one of the VERY FEW dishes priced over a hundred. Thin sliced beef tenderloin with gravy and rice. He enjoyed it even if the beef was uber thin and the portion quite small. It was ok since we had other dishes to enjoy.

Crispy Tawilis (Php 30.00)
Yummy, crispy fried Tawilis, with the unbeatable price of 30 bucks, a real winner =)! Delicious doused with vinegar and accompanied by the laing with heaping spoonfuls of rice.

Bicol Express (Php 30.00)
HOT and rich tasting. Too hot for me, delicious for him =) Simple, yummy and again, CHEAP!

Everlasting (Php 35.00)
Like pinoy meatloaf. Very tasty and I had to have it with....

....Pan de Amerikana PAN DE SAL (Php 5.00)
HUGE! SOFT! WHOLE WHEAT PAN DE SAL baked in a pugon---absolutely divine! =) I love it with the everlasting. He look home a leanerra (an oval tin where our traditional leche flan is cooked) of everlasting which costs Php 120.00 and I got me a bag of those soft, hot babies (pan de sal) =)

We left the place sweaty yet utterly happy with our meal and the goodies we brought home, not to mention with wallets a-smile. We will definitely come back, but better on a cooler day, whenever that may happen---we hope it happens soon! Perhaps if you can't wait to try it now, do it very late afternoons or in the evening (though I think they close up early).

Pan de Amerikana and delicious experience! =)

Pan de Amerikana, Marikina
near World of Butterflies,
Gen. Ordones St., SS Village,
Concepcion 2, Marikina
call them for directions: (632) 934-0667/
(632) 475-2398

coming from Marcos Highway, turn left at Masinag Market, then right at DURAWOOD hardware (which is infront of the first PETRON station you will see on your left)---this is GEN. ORDONES ST., go along this path until you hit a dead end and turn to the left, going down...then keep your eyes opened for e huge WINDMILL that will appear on your left =) Hope you make it!


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Midge said...

Beef tenderloin for only 120 and Bicol Express for 30?!? I'm definitely going there!

Jen Tan said...

yes Midge...super worth the trip! I think it's nice to visit there now since our weather is starting to get a bit cooler =)

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Birth is much but breeding is more. 加油!..................................................