Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Eating...Everywhere! =)

Weekends are made for luxurious eating indeed! I generally like eating more during weekends than weekdays, for the sole purpose that I can take time to enjoy the food, without worries of the next thing in-line on the daily agenda. With that I mean, since work is somewhat light to almost non-existent on these days =)

Back track on the weekend eating that was:

Buffalo Wings & Things Re-Visit

We like the simple and reliable food that Buffalo Wings and Things have to offer. For this visit, we tried other food in the menu, which some I ended up liking more than the house specialty wings =)

Ultimate Steak Burrito Php 175.00
This was for him. It was nice and tasty, but lacked the Mexican something-something that we like in a burrito. I suspect it needed more beans =)

NY Dirty Rice ~Php 50-60.00 (please check =))
More often than not, I tend to look for rice or some form of carbs to go with fried food. The only kind of rice they serve here is DIRTY----not dirty in a filthy way, but dirty in a tasty and may I say REALLY spicy way!~Way to spicy for my heat-weak palate, but naturally--he LOVED IT! It was rice mixed with chili and salsa.

Mini Chili Cheese Burgers Php 155.00 (please check again=))
Mini burgers of chili-cheese burgers.

Fish & Fries Php 195.00
My fave here at last! Fish and fries. One of the best fish and chips in my book. I love how it is always CRISPY (note the word always---for we have had this quite a number of times already!hehehe) I love how it is always served piping hot---spicy yet delightful to my taste buds--and generous in servings! It's not the beer-battered kind..just battered and fried to a lovely golden crisp. C is for CRISPY! That's always good for me =D I likey---I crave for it as I write this paragraph.....aaaaaaaaaaahhh...*droools ;P hehehehe

Pasto Revisited

For our light selections....
Pomodoro Basilico Pasta Php 195.00
We love the light tomato sauce, freshened by chopped basil leaves...topped with a molted slice of ricotta cheese =)

Gamberetti & Asparagus-Parma Ham Pizza Php Php 255.00

On my side, lightly spicy shrimps with caramelized onions....on his side baby asparagus with parma (that was not so parma hehehe) ham. Both were delicioso!!!

And to cool down....

Crisostomo's By Chef Florable Co

Halo-Halo ni Crisostomo Php 85.00
Made of Ube, Leche Flan, Sweetened saba bananas, gulaman and Quezo. I was a bit disappointed because they were out of UBE that day =( They also served the leche flan..SEPARATELY, because they forgot to put it ON the halo-halo. The saving grace was the fact that the leche flan was absolutely delicious! Creamy, smooth with a light hint of lime to cut through the rich taste.

Milky Way
Halo-Halo Php 95.00
It was refreshing..but you just have to add tablespoons and tablespoons of sugar to it because it tasted as if the individual "halo" was not sweetened enough...or at all ;P

Buffalo Wings & Things
Aguirre St., BF Homes,
Tel# (632) 703 4867

2/F Greenhills, Theatremall
Tel# (632)722 4992/(632)722 5006

Crisostomo's by Chef Florabel Co
2/F Eastwood Mall Veranda,
Eastwood City, Libis, Q.C.
Tel# (632) 710 1693

Milky Way
Ground Level VMall,
Greenhills Shopping Center,
Greenhills San Juan
Tel# (632) 726 5541

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