Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Classic Savory, Greenhills

Is it "Sa-y-VORY"? or "SAA-vory"? However way you opt to pronounce it, we mean only one thing, those crispy Chinese style fried chicken, which most of us (I refer to adults and young adults) have known since we were kids---hey they have been in business since 1950! hehehe

With all the new players in the "fried chicken" industry, we have definitely missed eating here and so we decided to try it's branch located at the second floor of the Greenhills Theatremal, where Dulcinea used to be (awww---I used to love having breakfast at Dulcinea...I love the churros there----where did it go? Why leave Theatremall?---let's put this in another post! hehehe) Anhyhoos, as I have mentioned, it has been years since I last had Savory is it after all these years?

We got tempted by the good for two combo meals...1/2 Savory Chicken with various combinations of their other...because we like to have a little of several dishes when we eat. Since we were not particularly hungry that time...we gave it a go!

Savory Chicken Combo C4 Php 385.00

This set meal good for two (2) persons, include: 1/2 Savory Chicken, Pancit Canton, Salt & Pepper Squid, 2 cups rice, Special Turon and Tropical cooler drinks. We pancit and squid portions were kinda small, but they did taste pretty ok =) Perhaps we can have an entire order of both next time. The chicken was delicious...just they way I remebered it, althought the gravy was a bit watered-down. The turon was awful---the saba inside were tough and dry! The coolers were sweet and refreshing.
The combo meal experience at Classic Savory was, in all, pleasant (with great consideration to the price) and can satiate 2 mildly hungry persons. We may go back for full orders of other dishes and definitely for the chicken =)

Classic Savory
2/F Greenhills Theatremall
Tel# (632) 584 2736
(0917) 6266329

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