Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weekend Eating: Tagaytay Foodtripping and Heat Buffet

This weekend was spent with LOTS OF EATING!!! So you can conclude that I am very happy as I write this entry =)

Last Saturday was spent in an all-girls retreat to Tagaytay! The last time I have been to a retreat was way back in high school, and so I asked my dear darling BF if I could go and join the girls....he of course understood (thank you sooo much!).

The day started bright and early...meeting time was at 6am at Krispy Kreme Greenhills. My two girlfriends and I thought oh "matagl na intayan pa yan" because we were all 40 girls participating in the event. When we arrived at Kirspy Kreme, we saw our group leader and other member and no other people there...we go "let's have coffee first" wala pa naman yun others. Only when our leader informed us that every team car has already left, that we felt a teensy need to rush. She told us that we will just drive through krispy kreme to get the doughnuts provided by the we go YAY! Our leader gave our ticket to the drive through and the server handed her A BOX and a bag of doughnuts, bottles of mineral water and an envelope. As we passed out water and doughnuts around, we opened the envelope and inside were golden tickets with instructions and riddles leading us to our BREAKFAST DESTINATION!!! SOOO COOL! =) We all got excited ...and then..panic!---WE HAVE TO MOVE OUR ARS*S ;p HEHEHE

Our first task was to go to Petron SLEX give out the extra doughnuts to random individuals who looks like would need some love for the day. Take a picture with them and look for a silver vios with plate number "chocolate". Rush! Rush! Rush! When we got to Petron, we accomplished our tasks and got our next envelope with our tickets and riddles to reach our destination. Solving all the riddles, we knew we had to take a pic of pineapples, a signage "JC Cares Pest Control", the "NUVALI" signage, Ming's Garden and an Angel statue!!! It was one of the most fun and energized trip going up Tagaytay! We managed to find all of them and reached or first foodie destination:


The place was lovely! Most of the other girls were already relaxing and have mugs of coffee in their hands. We were delighted by the place. It was refreshing to be there...surrounded by greens and flowers.

Breakfast Buffet was set. There were baskets of homemade wholewheat bread, served with sweet butter and pineapple jam.

The buffet comprised of eggs with a variety of things:

Smoked Salmon Eggs

Crispy Pork Adobo Flakes with Eggs

Grilled Eggplants with Eggs

There was a bowl of Garlic Rice and Pitchers of Dalandan juice to go with our breakfast as well. We had time to relax and had group sharing and reflection activities.

Moving on to our lunch destination, we went to ......


A lovely garden path led us to the dining area, and we were to have our lunch at the second floor dining area. It was lovely also...and had a very refreshing ambiance.

Lunch Buffet was served :

Fresh Garden Salad
Pumpkin Soup
Chicken Ballotine and Fish Fillet with Mango Salsa with a side of Mashed Potatoes and Veggies
Mango with Vanilla Cream
Plate of Chocnut, Flat Tops and Candies =)

After our yummy lunch, we had collage making activities, group sharing and discussions. Fun, enlightening and relaxing =)

We then set off to our final food destination...


We had sit down dinner this time, for a more intimate with our friends.

California Maki
Spaghetti with Meatballs
Seafood Pesto Pasta
Grilled Lamb Chop with Mashed Potatoes
Bagnet Pakbet
Chocolate Fondue

Our dinner was set at the second floor of the T House dining area. The Tagaytay night breeze was cool....the ambiance was lovely =)

The whole experience was indeed soothing for the mind, body and soul. Thanks to the wonderful girls I was with ^_^

I was so excited the following Sunday to be with my boyfriend and share with him the wonderful experience I had in Tagaytay =) How perfect the day was to have buffet at HEAT to go with all that story telling!

Sushis and Makis

Filipino Faves
More Japanes for us please...
Lamb with Mint Sauce, Seabass, Veggies and Breads
My Chinese Food Plate =)
Churros, Bibinka and Palitaw
Oh, all of the plates are MINE! =D Although, I did miss out my Italian plate...I managed to finish them all ah! I guess all the story telling worked up my appetite! Get food---eat--tell story---get more food---more eating---more story telling =) hahaha Shopping time at Power plant was the perfect activity after all that eating to burn some of what we ate ;P

Going home...we see this..............
^_^ A perfect weekend.


Midge said...

Jen, your post made me crave for scrambled eggs with smoked salmon!

Oh, and dare I invite you to a chocolate tasting at Heavenly Chocolates tomorrow? Details are here:

I'm doing a demo on how to make dark chocolate truffles infused with lavender. :)

Jen Tan said...

Hello Midge! Saw the invite alread...sayang I will be in Makati this afternoon onwards, but I will try to make the 7pm sched kahit habol if traffic permits ;P hahaha Good luck, am sure it will be a fantastic event! I LOOOOVE dark chocolate--SAVE ME SOME! =Dhahaha I know where Heavenly Choclates is located but haven't tried it yet---I heard the chocolate pasta is good =)

Thanks for dropping by!!!

Anonymous said...

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