Monday, October 26, 2009

Tomato Grill, SLMC

A recent unfortunate car accident brought me and my injured sisters to St. Luke's Medical Center. Yes, it was kind of a major car accident. It happend a recent monday morning. I was driving with my sister's going to our office. It seems like any other monday morning and I was actually scheduled for my second rootcanal appointment that day too (talk about unfortunate over an unfortunate!!! =( ...sigh...when it poured like Ondoy on me that day!) So upon crossing Scout Rallos...just after passing Jade Valley restaurant...a speeding crosswind SLAMMED ON OUR VAN---hitting us from the side going to the back part...causing us to turn 180 degrees...making our look as if we were coming from the opposite lane of the road! I hope I described it well enough that you may picture what happend. I was in shock...we were all in shock. I managed to get out of the van ...shaking and sore. My sisters went out of the car...we were shocked...then scared..than angry! I looked to my youngets sis...she loooked ok...turning to my of her eyes was bleeding at the corner and started to turn black and blue. The side door was wrecked...we copuld no longer clode it. The rear window broken and flew out the pavement....all our stuff was a mess...some broken...some were found outside..landing at the pavement as well.

I was driving. My married sis went to our well as my boyfriend. My sis took my atch and kid sis to SLMC and my boyfriend and I went to the police station. I had to deal with all the police reporting crap and made sure that the other driver take responsibility for his EXTREME RECKLESSNESS which could have cost our lives!!!! I was infuriated!

After all the reports that needed to be filed..I then went to SLMC to check on my sisters. They had to get xrays and CT scans...I just had the physicval exam because I felt fine and I didn't have time to get scanned because I needed to get back to the police station. I told my attending that I would just skip being worked up.

Well...the whole ordeal took up our entire day. My sisters were both at SLMC the whole time and I had to go back and forth. We haven't had breakfast...we had no lunch the time we realized out hunger it was already while waiting for the test results we decided to taka a break at Tomato Grill the ground floor of the main building.

Despite the very unfortunate day we were having...our saving grace for that day was our grace ...

Tinapa Rice

WOW!!! It was a sight for sore eyes...sore bodies and empty stomachs indeed! Fried soy sauce flavored rice encircled by flaked tinapa, salted eggs and tomatoes. It was delicious!

Pork Binagoongan
Very flavorful and generous in serving size! This would have been great with plain rice!

Pancit Maria
A hearty flat noodle dish...with veggies and pork. Piping hot and very comforting to eat.

We had two of this yummy rice cake..with quesiong puti and salted egg slices. Hot and perfect with the nyog on the side.

We needed all the comfort these Filipino comfort food could give. We got by and had smiles after our meal...but then saddened again going back to the ER.

We were just greatful that non of us was severely hurt. Just a major reminder to us that EVEN IF YOU ARE ALWAYS CAREFUL...A LOT OF IRRESPONSIBLE AND RECKLESS PEOPLE STILL ABOUND AND CAN HURT US ONE DAY! Sad..but true...


Midge said...

Goodness! I hope you and your sisters are all right. It's really sad that, for all the road safety precautions we make sure of, there are still people out there without any regard whatsoever on the streets!

Jen Tan said...

hello Midge! we're ok now...but still hassled by repairs for the car damages =(

you can say that again---no matter how responsible we are on the road...if the unfortunate crosses our paths...we just seem ...helpless =(

thanks for dopping by!