Saturday, October 10, 2009


We passed by this nice black and white themed restaurant somewhere in the scout areas, where Brick Kitchen used to stand a few times and finally saw it open last weekend. The placed is called Romulo's...named after Carlos Romulo, the grandfather of one of the owner's as one of the waiter's told us. It had a fabulous casual-fine interiors, decorated by Ivy Almario (who is part owner of the resto also as we were told), all black and white, with 2 air-conditioned dining areas, a second floor for private functions and a nice alfresco area.

They serve Filipino cuisine with their own signature touch and twist.

We decided to have 2 appetizers and a main course to try out their food =)

Smoked Bangus Pate with Pan de Sal Chips Php 150.00
Bangus pate topped with hollandaise sauce. We liked the generous bangus flakes in the pate and the rich sauce atop...we only wished they served it with more pan de sal chips. We found ourselves having more pate with no more bread to eat it with.

Pinoy Nachos Php 75.00
Kamote and Taro chips drizzled with melted kesong puti, keso de bola and tomato.We liked the crispy and thin taro and sweet potato chips, but the cheese topping tasted more like nacho king cheese sauce than kesong puti and keso de bola...although I did find bits of kesong puti on the sauce =) It was yummy but not generous enough in serving for me.

What they scrimped on the appetizer serving portion, they made up with the main entree...

Flying Tilapia with 3 Sauces Php 290.00
Cripy fried Tialpia served with sweet chili sauce, honey bagoong and soy vinegar. We loved how big and cripy the tilapia was and the winner sauce among the three was the HONEY BAGOONG! You can forget about the ordinary sweet chili and soy vinegar sauces that you can make of find anywhere. Perhaps they shouldn't have included the 3 sauces with the name because only one sauce was special.

The place was very nice and cozy...great for get togethers and parties. The service was great too. The waiters were all very attentive and polite. We will come back to try more of the promising entrees and less of the appetizers =) The bagnet and pastas look intriguing and the desserts too =)
A part two is in order..I will post it soon together with the exact location of this new discovery=)


Midge said...

Honey bagoong?!? That's seriously interesting! And I loved how the fried tilapia looked.

Jen Tan said...

hello Midge! Yeah--crazy ei?--BAGOONG with HONEY!!!--It does work!-- The Tilapia was beautifully fried to a crisp...=)