Monday, January 22, 2007

Pretzels and Cream Cheese Cookies

Last Sunday my sis Che and I got up really early for our confirmation at Manila Cathedral. The mass was at 7am and we were to meet up with my Ninang Kat and Sal at Philam Homes and go to church together. We got there 6am and headed to intramuros. We had time for a little breakfast, so we stopped over at McDonald’s for some pancakes and coffee.

We got to the church on time, and met up with Shawie there. It was a nice mass and a solemn moment for us three. Thank you Kat for being our ninang and thank you Sal for being there for us =)

After our Confirmation, we parted ways with Shawie and the rest of us went to Greenhills Sunday market to get some fruits. We were able to buy some fresh and fragrant Guimaras mangoes and a bunch of bananas plus a dalanghita (given for free!). We headed back home before lunch because we all had our own lunch plans with our families.

It was a laid back Sunday afternoon. I had the urge to do some baking. I made Soft Pretzels, and Cream Cheese cookies. The recipe for the Cream Cheese cookies I made was from bakingsheet. It was actually called Cheesecake cookies. They were the soft chewy kind. I kinda browned them a bitwhile baking because I liked slightly toasty cookies, although it was supposed to be whitey and soft when done. My pretzels turned out pretty good. I just put salt and melted butter on it. It was crisp on the outside and soft in the inside. Its great with cheese whiz or as my sis Nikki preferred, with loads and loads of President butter! Nothing beats pretzels out from the oven!!! I wana make these babies again but I want to try to make sweet pretzels…coat them with cinnamon sugar or brown sugar and almonds or chocolate.

Our afternoon snack was quiet filling so we had a light dinner and for desser, I prepared a chocolate fondue =) . I cubed some Guimaras mangoes and bananas we bought at the Sunday market, put some grapes and arranged them all in a little plate and shoved them in the freezer before we ate our dinner. I prepared the chocolate ganache by melting dark chocolate chips with some evaporated milk. I find using evap better than using heavy cream because it gives a smooth and lighter ganache.

I so love preparing special treats for my two younger sisters…=)

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