Saturday, January 27, 2007

An Evening of Minkus

My good friend Gwen invited me for An Evening of Minkus at Le Pavillon. I was more than delighted to go with her, since I just love cultural entertainment. If had I the chance, I'd love to watch more plays, concerts and, in this case, ballet as a refreshing change from malling and goin to movies for recreation and relaxation. Above all of this, its always nice to have a nice evening with a good friend =)

I got out of the office a bit earlier than usual. I planned to go to Mall of Asia and have a look around, before the play, but I decided to have coffee with my friend Oli at Dorset Cafe instead. After our little coffe tryst, I headed on to Le Pavillon to meet up with Gwen.

We almost got there around the same time and quite early for dinner. Nevertheless, we were served wine at the cocktail area as we read the evening programme. We were ushered in shortly and chatted along as we waited for dinner to start. The event was catered by The French Corner. I read some nice reviews about this restaurant, but never got the chance to dine there because its located at my rarely frequented West Gate, Alabang.

We were served rolls and ciabatta with some tapenade along with red wine and iced tea. For starters, we had the roasted prawn salad. I really liked it for the fresh and tenderly cooked prawns with lettuce and slivers of parmesan. I appreciated that the dressing was drizzled along side the bed of greens and not tossed-in all togther. I really don't like my food drowned with dressings or sauces and I kinda like controlling the amount I incorporate as I eat (pretty finicky of me ei?) Gwen, enjoyed this salad as well. Next, was the essence of mushroom soup. It was very flavorful and the purred muchrooms gave the soup a nice texture and mouth-feel. For our main course, chateaubriand with gratinated potatoes. Gwen kinda found the serving a tad bit too small---too big for out plate, hence minus points for presentation. Nevertheless, the beef was tender despite being cooked to the well done end. The potato gratin was delicious and I liked the bordelaise sauce that accompanied the meat.

Finally for dessert, strawberries marinated in gran marnier sauce with peppered ice cream and french creme. I love starberries, but I simply hate cream or creme....white whipped cream anything just turns me off. I would have loved it with dark chocolate ice cream!!! Frozen strawberries with chocolate hagen daaz---heaven for me =) Good thing coffee was served--I took it as MY dessert!

We were serenaded by excellent singers, who happened to be impaired of sight but definitely NOT of talent. They sang several love songs and even their personally composed repertoire.Then we moved on to the main event. Carlos Garcia of Les Ballets Granvia, New York lead the evening of art in motion accompanying the music of Lugwig Minkus! Carlos, together with a group of young and talented ballet dancers. They pranced, swayed and even seem to fly along with the music, with grace and power.The evening ended which much admiration from the patrons. It was a great evening of lovely song, dance, food and the great company of my friend--thanks Gwen =)

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