Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lovin' Wine and Cheeses

I would like you all to meet Madame Therese.....

While strolling through Power Plant Christmas day, I came acrosss Titania Wines, which is coincidentally owned and run by my favorite La Vigne Wine and Bistro, and what great surprise that they were on sale! I really don't take alcohol well but I am not really fond of drinking. It was only when I attended a wine tasting dinner get together at La Vigne, hosted by no less than Madame Tita Trillo, did I learn to appreciate the aged beverage. As a novice, I was recommended to have sparkling white wine to go with antipasto or starters. I was offered Madame Therese and fell in love with its crisp sweetish flavor that went well with antipasto.

Without hesitation, I got myself a bottle of the Madame (only for Php 609.00!!! --what a bargain) I thought of having it for New Year's celebration....and serve it with christmas ham and......CHEESE!!!!

Ohhhh... I am sooo loving the wine and cheese combination. For our family New year's day celebration, I prepared a plate of ham, Pato quezo de bola, macadamia nuts, chocolate covered raisins and served it with the Madame. It was lovely on the palate...I wish I had some Roquefort, Cashews and grapes =)

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