Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Red Palace

Tucked in Malakas St., located in area of Sulu Hotel, Trellis, Muang Thai, Pancake House..etc., in Quezon City, is a casual Chinese restaurant called Red Palace.

In the mood for Suahe...we got 1/2k of these.....(sorry I didn't get the price of this)
They were fresh and yummy =)

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Yummy and not too oily.

Fried Salt and Pepper Spareribs (Php 470.00)
These were delicious. The breading was tasty and had a nice peculiar taste...the spareribs were not fatty, which was good.

Peking Duck (3-ways)

The duck was kinda was tasty but the duck in Choi or Gloria Maris are much better =)

Fried King Fish with Special Sauce (Php 520.00)
This was my favorite. The fish was fresh and fried to a crisp...and I like the "special sauce" which was like the sauce that is doused on steamed Lapu-lapu.

Duck Wraps
The duck skin wrapped in flat bread with leeks and hoisin sauce.

Duck Soup
I didn't like this soup so much because the ginger taste was too strong for my palate.

Minced duck meat wrapped in lettuce
I always like this part of the 3way duck =)

A cool and refresh meal ender.

Overall the Red Palace experience was good. It was just disappointing that they didn't have any crabs that day, perhaps because we arrived after lunch hours already =) A nice casual chinese dining place.

Red Palace Seafood Restaurant
#132 Malakas St.,
Q.C. near Muang Thai and Pancake House

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