Monday, February 15, 2010

The Goose Station

Happy Valentines and Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!!!! =)

Let me make my first year of the Tiger post with a yummy degustation dinner at The Goose Station of chef couple's Sunshine and Rob Pengson =)

Their place had a nice, cozy, casual-elegant feel..being located at the ground floor of West Tower building at 39th Street, at the fort, far from the bustling restaurant strips and complexes that people usually thrive at for dinners and hang outs. The secluded location makes perfect for more intimate dinners...perfect for us =)

We didn't want to get stuffed this evening, so we decided to have the 5 course express degustation dinner with an ala carte order of the Salmon Gravlax (as I have read that the main entree portion was quite big here)....and should we feel un-satiated we could just order an extra main =)

The express 5-course dinner Php 1, 700 ++ (SC and taxes):

Complimentary Bread and Butter
I love that it had a sweetish taste =)

Snacks: Truffle Puff, Potato Glass and Prosciutto Guava Macaroon
These were mini bites with explosions of flavors. They were perfect to whet the palate. The potato glass was an uberly thin potato chip! Crisp, delicate and good would it be to have a plateful of them, I thought. The nutty taste of the macaroons, with the salty prosciutto flavors were complimented by the sweet guava jelly. The truffle puff was yummy.

Foie Cone
Foie mousse in a puff pastry cone. The foie was like softened texture and taste. A truly rich bite!

Beet Garden (Php 395.00)
Textures of Beet, Corn & Orange, Davao's goat cheese, Walnut and Gingerbread soil and the rest of the garden. The two discs you see are like oreo-sandwich cookies of crisps beet slices and goat cheese. The tubular log was like a beet gelee piped with goat's cheese. It was a play of textures and tastes...not your average salad. I tell you, if you want your greens, lots of veggies, dressing....this is not for you! =)

Unagi-Foie Gras Terrine (Php 480.00)
Apple tartare, Gingerbread and chocolate "soil", Brioche toast point and chives. This was my favorite part of the degustation. I enjoyed the interplay of textures and flavors. Th rich seared foie, with the firm sweet-savory unagi...accentuated by the coarsely chopped sweet apple tartare, eaten with a bite of the was exquisite. You just need a little portion of this and the flavors of that perfect bite can fully satiate.

Salmon Gravlax (Php 480.00)
White asparagus flan, Parmesan, Avocado Oil, Caviar, Potato Chip and micro greens This was our additional appetizer, which was lighter than than Unagi-Foie terrine.

Confit of Duck (Php 950.00)
Spice and citrus rub, jus, horseradish potato puree, black soy beans, whole grain mustard and black currant jelly. Can you believe this is just HALF a portion? We were very surprised too. A If I were to have all of the above by myself, I would have barely enjoyed this dish (or maybe I could ;P hehehe) It was delicious! Rich with savory decadence. Chef Rob and Chef Sunshine abide by this sweet and savory yin-yang in their dishes, as we have experienced in all of their dishes. Savory duck confit... potatoes...whose richness were all cut by the black currant jelly. Fatty-Salty-Sweet balanced in every as you will not gawk, should the meal strike you unctuous.

Chocolate Candy Bar (Php 390.00)
Earl Grey Mousse, ganache and biscuit. It was rich..yet it seemed light on my palate because I easily devoured bite, after bite =) hahaha Delicious! Delicious!
And when we thought our meal was through...we were served a lighter meal oatmeal crisp.
Sweet, nutty and crunchy.

Dining at the Goose station was absolutely worth the experience. We agreed that it was not the kind of thing we would like have on a regular basis, but occasionally, the palate just loves a good tease =) We had to have our dinner with wine, because that is the only way your stomach will be able to emulsify all the foie and fat throughout dinner =)

If you have bigger appetites, perhaps two express or have the 10 course degustation for Php 2,500. I think the price structure of the Goose encourages one to select the degustations rather than going ala your bill would definitely end up being way up there.

The Goose Station
G/F West Tower,
39th St., Global City Fort Bonifacio,
Tel# 556-9068

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