Monday, January 17, 2011

Pamana, Tagaytay

Filipino comfort food, makes for a perfect meal on a cool-crisp weather. That's what we thought when we headed for Pamana Restaurant on a recent get Tagaytay get-a-away. A great choice it turned out to be =)

Pamana is owned by the Ongpauco family, who are also responsible for the famous Barrio Fiesta restaurants.
I adored the rustic al-fresco setting of the place with a rustic Spanish-time feel to it. The menu was as interesting as the place. Spanish-Filipino treasured recipes by the family are featured.

3-ways Adobo
Chicken adobo, crispy adobo flakes and pork adobo trio. We loved each rendition. The chicken was like fried chicken with a garlicky gravy sauce, the most un-
usual adobo I have had, nonetheless delicious. They were all flavorful and delicious...with plenty of steamed rice =)

Zamboanga's Piyanggang Manok
Chicken simmered in coconut milk. I have never had this kind of dish before, but it was delightfully different. Think chicken curry sans the curry.

La Paz Batchoy
As I do not fancy bulalo, we just ordered some la paz batchoy. Piping hot, and rich tasting with all the innards, chicharon and egg noodle flavors melding together! Yum!!!

A little treasure box holding the bill...cute! =) The nice was actually cheap!
Delightful Filipino food, reasonably priced with a good ambiance to boot! A comeback is a must.

Pamana Restaurant
Tagaytay City


Midge said...

I haven't been to Tagaytay in AGES, so I think I'll put this place on my list of places to visit. ;)

Jen Tan said...

hello Midge! You should definitely go back...while the weather is still very cool =)

A must visit place and do try Lumar's pies and tarts..a new discovery, the buco tart is great!