Friday, October 01, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me ^_^

My turn to add another year in my life. Above is my 33rd birthday cake, which my bf got from Bizu! It's a SAMBA!!! =) It tastes as good as it looks! All chocolate and decadent...just the way I like it!

I am happy that I am keeping this food blog. It helps me backtrack on the year that I spent a certain day in a different I felt...what I ate...I can accurately get back at...check, read and get to re-live that special moment. I went 3 years back. My 30th spent in Bali and finishing the day in Malaysia...I thought was a kinda cool. I remember feeling happy where I was, yet still dreaming of that special somebody to complete me. How was I to know the following year..I would be spending my birthday with a special somebody =) That was really nice. We never know what life has in-stored for us. It is exciting, sometimes scary to wake up each day and live out the day and watch the future unfold...sometime without us realizing, the "now" we are the "future" we dreamt and hoped for a couple of years back.

I am very grateful that at my 33rd, I woke up with much excitement and anticipation of the day to come...excited for what the days will bring as life continues to unfold before my eyes. I thank God above for all the blessings and love around me now.

Now, let's celebrate with good food =)

I chose Cafe Caruso for my birthday dinner. I love the place for it's sophisticated-casual ambiance and ofcourse, very good Italian food.

There was no time for bread, as our food turned up right before we were wondering why we haven't been served our bread basket.

For my birthday pasta....I chose

Spaghetti Aglio-Olio, Peperconcino e Vongole Php440.00
Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil, chilly and clams. This was my half portion. I didn't get the chance to snap a photo of the whole dish because our server immediately served it on our plates. The pasta was perfectly al dente...strong garlic, clams and chili flavors. Simple and perfect.

Lapu-lapu alla Favigna Php660.00
Grilled Lapu-lapu fillet with capers and green olives sauce. Our server's recommendation. We chose mashed potatoes as our side dish, which was delicious and creamy.The Lapu-lapu was cooked very nicely. I loved the light crust with the soft and moist, yet perfectly cooked flesh. The capers and olive sauce gave the fish saltiness and complimentary flavors. What was great was that the fish was so fresh. Delicioso!

Napoletana Pizza Php590.00
The reason why we didn't care for our bread basket. Tomato, garlic, anchovies and mozzarella pizza! The crust is just divine. Crusty, chewy...I love the slightly burnt edges. Pizza at it's best. Simple yet divine. =)

After our wonderful dinner, we decided to move to another place for dessert. I chose Cafe Ysabel...I don't know why. Perhaps, in continuing with a relaxing evening...we wanted to cap the night in a not so crowded place.

I picked the Cafe Ysable Truffle Cake for my birthday dolce.... bite...and I wished I just opted for Tiramisu at Caruso. can't win them all....but it was still a wonderful birthday dinner ^_^

Happy Birthday to me! =)


princess_dyanie said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Jen! :) Glad you had a blast on your special day! :)

Jen Tan said...

thanks princess!

Midge said...

Belated happy birthday! Here's to many more happy years and yummy eats!

Jen Tan said...

thanks Midge!!!! cheers to that!!!!! =)