Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Craving for pizzas, mozzarella sticks and buffalo wings....when trying to think of an Italian resto in Tomas Morato...or a nice cozy pizza place....something like a whole in the wall Italian pizzeria...we just couldn't come up with one good place.

We thought of trying something new, NYPD pizza (New York Pizza Depot), despite the fact of not being an Italian pizza seemed comfortable enough for a chatting evening..and oh...we were famished time to be uber ideal and picky! hehehe ;P

NYPD is located at the upper ground level of CTTM bldg, where the famous Tony and Jackie Korean Salon in Quezon City, can be located. Upon arriving, the place was barren, but we were not turned off because the staff were most welcoming. We appreciated that and settled in.

We were happy to find the menu, carrying our cravings, only the mozzarella sticks was out of stock then. The price range seemed reasonable enough so go! Go! Go! =)

Buffalo Chicken Wings Php150.00 (6pcs)
The buffalo wings here is more of spicy fried chicken wings...but good spicy chicken wings. I would suggest that one should go straight to Buffalo Wing's and Things for the real deal. NYPD's version is very lightly coated with chili sauce...but we can say that the are flavorful, crispy and enjoyable to eat.
Calamares Php 175.00
I think among all our orders (yes...we have orderS ;P hehehhehe please read along), this seemed to be most pricey because there were just a few rings or calamari. They were not as crispy as the wings, but...but...the squid rings were meaty..the breading not too thick and well spiced.

NYPD Blue Pizza 10" Php 175.00
Blue cheese, Mozzarella, Chili and Chicken. This was pretty good. We could taste the sharpness of the pungent blue cheese. Mildly spicy with a chewy medium thin crust.

Garlic Tomato Pasta Php 170.00
This was simple yet flavorful. The tomatoes were barely there, but you will definitely smell and taste the garlic!c=)

Over all, we were pleased with NYPD. Nothing exceptional about the food, but all were pleasing to the palate and enjoyable to eat. A place worth visiting again.

U/G Level CTTM Square Bldg.,
Timog cor. Tomas Morato
(beside David's Tea House; same bldg.
where Toni & Jackie Korean Salon)
Tel# (632) 467 4826


♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

the pasta looks yummy.

Jen Tan said...

hellowie pinkcookies =) yeas its was...mejo scarce yun t pa tomatoes but flavorful pa din...simple lang =)

Midge said...

The pizza looks nice, but I kind of expected more from the calamari. I mean, at that price, you'd expect it to be a lot better, right?

Jen Tan said...

hello midge! yeah...better or more sana ;P hehehehe nice, nice naman food but don't expect too much =)